Mysterious “trip to the unknown” lets you choose your own adventure 
Limited opportunity to experience a scene in The Curious Voyage announced

Talk Is Free Theatre has announced  The Curious Voyage Express Event, a world premiere experience within their inter-continental theatrical experience The Curious VoyageThe limited edition production presents a first of its’ kind opportunity to be part of the global experience, right here in Barrie.

People purchasing tickets will become guests of a mysterious party, and be immersed in one express event of The Curious Voyage, on location in the Barrie area. Embedded in a masquerade party held in a dreamlike location, they’ll become lost in a mystery that they will be itching to solve:

  • Who are the others involved?
  • Are they actors or other participants?
  • What is the mystery that brings everyone here?

While exploring a unique and stunning site in this ‘choose your own adventure’ experience, participants’ perception of what is real and artificial will be shifted.

Dates: Oct. 23, 25, 28, 30 and Nov. 1, 4, 6, 8
Time: 7 pm
Location: will be revealed by email 48-hours prior to the experience, may involve an approximately 15-minute drive within the Barrie area.
Dress: For a complete scene experience, participants are requested to design and wear their own masquerade costume
Tickets: $35 (limited to 20 participants per scene, only160 available) through the TIFT box office at 705-792-1949 or

Background:  The Curious Voyage
The Curious Voyage is a clandestine 3-day intercontinental Theatrical Journey. Participants on The Curious Voyage will be integrated as a protagonist in the story. Each patron will venture on the journey, the first day of which takes place in Barrie, Ontario, and after a flight to London, UK,  the second and third days take them through many sites in London.

They will start on their own, only gradually becoming part of a group. Each participant will interact with strangers without knowing who is who – it could be their fellow patron, an actor or a regular civilian totally unaware they are even part of this experiment.  Participants will eventually be led to a secret site-specific location to watch a secret musical.

The Curious Voyage, an original idea created by Arkady Spivak, TIFT’s Artistic Producer, builds on the successful site-specific practice of Artistic Director, Mitchell Cushman, and the audience-specific work of Creator and Director, Daniele Bartolini (two of the most daring and visionary directors working in immersive theatre in Canada).