March 31, 2014

New classes for participants of all ages have been announced

If you ask Talk Is Free Theatre’s Robbie Woods, there’s creative potential in everyone.

“A lot of people think talent is just something you are born with and you either have it or you do not,” says Woods. “But I have been teaching improv classes for years, and I have to say I disagree.”

As TIFT’s new Director of Education, Robbie is responsible for planning the theatre’s upcoming session of classes, which runs through May and June. It is an ambitious offering.

On the docket are acting classes for kids 6 to 9 and 10 to 14, an introductory improv class, and an intermediate improv class.

Robbie will also be teaching an acting class for adults, something totally new for TIFT.

“We have done improv classes for adults with great success, but never a straight acting class,” he notes. “But people have often asked for it. We think the interest is there.”

The increase in the number of programs offered is part of a wider strategy on the part of the theatre.

“Most often, arts education is either for kids, or for adults who are pursuing a career in culture,” Robbie explains. “But we want our classes to be accessible to the entire community.

“It is a learning experience for sure, but more importantly it’s just a fun way to meet interesting people. We welcome absolutely everyone.”

For more information about Talk Is Free Theatre’s May-June classes, call (705)792-1949 or click here.