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Talk Is Free Theatre » 2020 2021 season


A GROUNDBREAKING INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE MAKING CANADIAN PREMIEREManimals slams live online theatre, gaming (including mobile gaming), audience interaction, and performance art into an innovative one-woman show.“Tinder meets Black Mirror” - Page to Stage (4 stars ...
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Heartbreak House

What happens when socialites, tycoons, and drifters collide in the British countryside on the eve of World War I?Shaw's Heartbreak House is a comedy that weaves together the deceptive nature of the ruling class, love triangles, and the fine line between order and catastrophe.  Running T ...
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A dramatic and often humorous look at six black Canadians of diverse backgrounds who share a Toronto house. Their lives unfold against the backdrop of civil unrest, which erupted when the Los Angeles police officers on trial for the beating of Rodney King are acquitted.The fracas outside keeps intru ...
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The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story of romantic obsession in the Roaring Twenties gets an intimate and searching re-examination in this Zoom adaptation by Richard Ouzounian, the first dramatic look at this story since it went into public domain this year.Eric McCormack stars as the mysterious millio ...
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She Stoops To Conquer

Some things have not in changed in the world of romance since 1773 when She Stoops to Conquer was first performed. Egotistical men still make fools of themselves pursuing women who are far more intelligent and sensible than them.To illustrate how contemporary this classic is, director Richard Ouzoun ...
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