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Written by: Nikolai Gogol
Directed by: Esther Jun

Dates: March 28th to April 6th, 2019
Venue: Five Points Theatre


Nobody is what they seem in Nikolai Gogol’s comedy of card sharps and confidence tricksters.  Before long we’re dealing with deceits within deceits within deceits. And just when we think you have it all worked out, we realize the jokers are pulling the wool over our very eyes. This new gender-fluid version is a story of people who gamble, hustle and cheat.

Two and two make five, if not the square root of five, and it all happens quite naturally in Gogol’s world…Gogol was a strange creature, but then genius is always strange –Vladimir Nabokov

Performance times are Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and a Saturday matinee at 2pm.

Proudly presented by Joan and Bob Gilroy

With special gratitude to our Season Presenter:

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