Venue: The MacLaren Arts Centre Courtyard, located at 37 Mulcaster St, Barrie

You are invited to be part of a collaborative performance experiment. This abstract contemporary dance work uses radar and wireless technology to highlight the symbiotic relationship between audience and performer. Your presence in the space determines what movements are performed and the dancers’ movements activate a signal inviting you to move to a new spot in the space — creating a feedback loop of giving and receiving, building the dance in real-time together.

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Venue: The parking lot behind Bohemia Cafe,
downtown Barrie

Mahagonny is a mythical American city where people live for greed, lust and violence. End of story.

Written in 1927, Mahagonny-Songspiel set the style for other melodic and savagely critical pieces of music theatre created in Weimar Germany. Elements of this small-scale scenic cantata influenced modern musicians including The Doors who recorded one of the production’s numbers in 1967, immortalizing its haunting first line: “Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar….”

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Venue: The Five Points Theatre, located at 1 Dunlop Street West, Barrie

Michael Torontow loves a good post-show talkback. You know, that rare opportunity after a performance when artists share secrets about the show, the process, and themselves. Torontow {After Dark} takes that to a new level in this uniquely intimate and musically-infused gathering with the director of TIFT’s Into The Woods and leading actor in Every Brilliant Thing, The Curious Voyage, The Music Man, Candide and Floyd Collins.

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Venue: Location in Barrie to be announced at a later date.

Walk into the woods to retrace steps taken by a heroine of Russian folktales. Find out What She Burned this fall in an immersive installation using mid-century bootlegging techniques fused with modern augmented-reality technology.

Inspired by a children’s story about a young woman facing an evil witch in the woods, this piece has dark elements and is experienced in intimate groups no more than four.

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