Missed the opportunity to participate in 3-day The Curious Voyage experience?

TIFT presents The Curious Voyage Express Event – your opportunity to be a part of a global experience, right here in Barrie! Part of the larger inter-continental theatrical experience The Curious Voyage, this unique interactive production is the first of its kind and will only be available to 160 people – so act quickly.

Ready to take a trip into the unknown?
Be the guest of a mysterious party. You’re invited to immerse yourself in one express event of The Curious Voyage, on location in the Barrie area. Embedded in a masquerade party held in a dreamlike location, you’ll become lost in a mystery that you will be itching to solve:
• Who are the others around you?
• Are they actors or other participants?
• What is the mystery that brings all of us here?

While exploring a unique and stunning site in this ‘choose your own adventure’ experience, your perception of what is real and artificial will be shifted.

Five easy steps:

1. Get yourself a costume (borrow, buy or make one). 2. Wear warm footwear (just in case)! 3. Go to mystery location (we’ll contact you 48 hours prior with details). 4. Don the mask we provide.


5. And immerse yourself into the costume party experience (no underwater scenes planned LOL).

Dates:  Nov. 1, 4, 6, 8

Time: 7 pm

Location: will be revealed by email 48-hours prior to the experience,  and may involve an approximately 15-minute drive within the Barrie area.

Dress: For a complete express event experience, participants are requested to wear their own  Halloween or other costume. Masks will be provided. Wear warm clothing and boots/shoes as there may be outdoor walking involved.

Tickets: $35 (limited to 20 participants per scene, only160 available)

Interested? Intrigued?
Please call the box office at 705-792-1949 or email boxoffice@tift.ca

 Click here for tickets