Free Creative Opportunities for Local Teens!

With the generous support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we are happy to offer a ground-breaking new creative program, unique of its kind in Canada. Students will participate in the creation and performance of a revolutionary intercontinental theatrical experience called The Curious Voyage. Every performance will last three days, although program participants will be involved with Day 1 only, which takes place in Barrie.

To read more about this experience, please see our press release here.

The Program

We are inviting young people from the Simcoe region to become directly involved in this project within all aspects of theatre creation. There are three major benefits to students involved in our mentorship program:

1)      Participating students will be responsible for an active creative role in the production across any function: as actors, as members of the production/technical team, as administrators, as designers, among many others. They will be working collaboratively with other program participants and directly alongside professionals in the industry.

2)      Students will be paired with a professional artist working on the show who will be their mentor. Mentors will act as a guiding hand throughout the project, and can offer real-world advice to help them during the process. There will be opportunities for one-on-one mentorship sessions between participants and their mentors built into the program.

3)      Finally, participants will receive practical workshops and training in their desired role to boost their confidence, and enhance their education and skill set within their role. There will be 6 workshop opportunities available in all areas of theatre, of which participants are required to attend a minimum of two; one of which must directly relate to the field they’re working on within the production.

There are several roles available for students, including:

  • Performance
  • Production/design team
  • Stage management
  • Directing
  • Dramaturgy/playwriting
  • Arts administration
  • Promotion/design
  • And more!

The Artists & Experience

This production is supported by the work of various national and international artists, including actors and directors seen in Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival and Broadway.

For more information on the artists involved, visit the website for the production here:

Applications and Deadlines

Applications for this program will be accepted with the following deadlines:


PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS: Friday June 15th @ 5pm.

We encourage applications from youth of all abilities, backgrounds and profiles! No previous theatre experience is necessary to apply.

This program will take place between September 4th-November 10th, 2018, with students needed approximately 3-5 evenings a week. Some roles will have optional work which can be completed over the summer. A more extensive list of deadlines can be received by contacting our Outreach Producer Ashley Frederick at

Performance Application

Production Application

For any other inquiries, or to receive assistance at any point during your application process, please contact our Outreach Producer, Ashley Frederick, at 705 792 1949 x123, by email at, or by responding to the form below.

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