For the seventh consecutive year, Talk Is Free Theatre has been chosen as one of the recommenders under Ontario Arts Council’s Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program. As part of this program, individual artists can apply for funding directly to Talk Is Free Theatre (and/or to any other recommenders) using the official Ontario Arts Council procedure. The program will support individual creators working on new work. 

For the list of other recommenders, their priorities, deadlines, program guidelines and an application form please visit: For the definition of professional artist, please visit the Ontario Arts Council website at  

For its allotment within the program, Talk Is Free Theatre is looking for submissions from book writers of musicals who are in the early stages of their careers.

We request the following to be part of each submission: 

  • Description/ Artistic Vision for the proposed new work
  • Proof of any rights, if an adaptation
  • Professional resume, if the artist is new to Talk Is Free Theatre
  • A brief writing sample, if the work of the artist in general is new to Talk Is Free Theatre
  • Two letters of support from the Artistic Directors/New Play Development Coordinators of an Ontario professional theatre company
  • Budget
  • Any other support material, of applicant’s choice

Additionally, Talk Is Free Theatre has established the following priorities for funding allocations, as follows:

  • Regional artists
  • Artists from culturally diverse backgrounds 
  • Artists, who would likely experience difficulty in attracting support elsewhere for their work at this point in their careers.


Minimum grant request is set at $1,000 and maximum at $5,000.  However, due to budgetary constraints, awarded amounts may be smaller than requested.

Deadline for submission is Friday September 20, 2013. (Please note that other recommenders of this program have each set their own deadlines). Applicants are encouraged to contact Arkady Spivak, Artistic Producer before submission to discuss potential projects and applications at