OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 10, 2018

The Curious Voyage is written, created and directed by Daniele Bartolini.
The secret musical is directed by Mitchell Cushman.
The experience is based on an idea by Arkady Spivak.

The experience begins in historic Barrie, Canada, nestled on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay. A picturesque haven with a bustling arts scene, Barrie is the point of departure as our voyagers embark on an intercontinental theatrical adventure like no other.
The streets of the city, your hotel “butler”, and even your hotel room all play a part in the experience, preparing you for the culturally enchanting journey ahead. If you are from Barrie, prepare yourself to experience familiar sites in a new light. And if you’re joining us from elsewhere… prepare for a surprise.
A touch of mystery lingers in the air as you are whisked to your next destination at the crack of dawn: Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Boarding Air Canada’s day flight to London, England, the adventure continues. Every last detail of travel, from your journey to the airport to encounters with strangers along the way, informs the experience. Be beguiled and enticed as you actively engage with the performers and environments around you. As the second day winds down, you will find yourself settled into the elegant and charming Morton Hotel in London, a luxury boutique hotel, or the funky Generator Hostel, where everyone and everything from the “bell-hop” to your room service will captivate the imagination.
It’s time to rise for the third and final day. Every audience member journey is unique: You may find yourself inside an old church basement, at  a hidden spot along the Thames riverbank, or a bevy of other off-the-beaten-path London locales. You are following a narrative of breadcrumbs, uncovering the city of London from a uniquely immersive theatrical perspective. Every detail you experience will ignite imagination and provoke profound questions about fate & coincidence. The last chapter of the epically immersive, jet setting journey culminates in a site-specific production of an acclaimed musical; a story that perfectly reflects the journey thus far. And suddenly, it all comes together.

As the experience comes to its end, audience and artists gather for one final celebration – reflecting on the past 72 hours and preparing to release the spell and return to the real world.