REVIEW: The Sneeze

The Sneeze a real treat
Dec 02, 2013 
Barrie Advance

By  Leigh Blenkhorn

REVIEW: Talk Is Free is taking audiences on an emotional roller coaster with its production of The Sneeze.

The show, which made its debut last week, features eight vignettes based on Anton Chekhov’s short plays and stories.

One minute you’ll be laughing, the next you’ll be crying, and then you’ll be roaring with laughter again.

The three-person cast transitions effortlessly from one character to the next.

Nigel Bennett shines as Dr. Shelestov in Plots. During his monologue, you think he’s going in one direction and then all of sudden he takes another.

Brian Tree excels as Nyukhin in The Evils of Tobacco. He had me laughing along at his misfortunes and then suddenly made me feel like I needed to rescue him and take him home with me.

The most emotional performance, however, comes from Lucy Peacock as Svetlovidov in Swan Song.

Peacock embodies a fading actor on the night of his retirement. Her reflective speech gets you thinking about your own life, and what will you look back on at your retirement.

And TIFT really does save the best for last.

The title play, The Sneeze, closes the show and leaves you wanting more.

The Mr. Bean-esk play has no dialogue, except for the audience’s laughter.

TIFT has found a way to give audiences eight plays for the price of one, you’ll be laughing, and crying and left wanting to the ride all over again.

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