Dear Patrons, Supporters, and Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, we are living through a difficult time. While we are waiting to reschedule TIFT and WOW performances as soon as possible (and thank you for your patience – new schedule will soon be available in approximately two weeks), we also know that we have an obligation to help.

You see, theatre-makers (actors, directors, designers, etc.) are self-employed and spend their entire professional lives near a crisis – operating contract to contract, not knowing where the next rent cheque is coming from, no personal days off when in a show, only being able to attend weddings and birthdays on Mondays when the theatres are dark, and other. But above all, artists and theatre workers are very experienced in one thing – to solve a problem creatively, and to repurpose a problem into an opportunity (while doing so on limited time and budget).

So, if you are looking to talk to your favourite TIFT actor or a professional to get their ideas, encouragement, perspective or to just talk to an extraordinary individual during difficult times, please let us know. Please write to Director of Outreach Richard Varty to and tell him what would help you the most. This, of course, is a free opportunity.

My very best,

Arkady Spivak
Artistic Producer