A Fundraiser To Die For--Save the Date!

MIchael Torontow

There are people in Barrie who care so much about theatre that they are dying to show their support—literally (sort of).

On July 10, 2023, TIFT will announce the names of twenty prominent figures from the community who will vie for the chance to be treated to one of seven theatrical fun-erals at the Five Points Theatre in September, honouring their lives of love for the theatre company, and by extension, their ability to have raised the most pledges during the “In Lieu Of Flowers…” campaign.


Along with the names of the participants, TIFT will also announce sponsors who are giving individual candidates a head start toward realizing their funerary dreams in the form of a $1500 contribution toward their campaigns. Spivak notes that there are some sponsorship spots available to be taken:


“I know there are people who are very much looking forward to seeing that certain candidates have the chance to ‘die’ with dignity. For the art of it, of course.”


The giving campaign will begin on July 10 along with the announcement of the participants. In lieu of flowers for their impending funerals, the “dying” will be accepting donations to Talk Is Free Theatre through the TIFT website until August 14. The seven top-earning candidates will be announced on August 18. From September 15-22, TIFT will stage a unique funeral for each of the seven winning candidates, including performances by TIFT artists. The public will be invited to attend.


Funds earned during the campaign will be directed toward the expansion of local programming and a re-launch of educational activities.


For more information on how to contribute to the event, please contact Arkady Spivak at 705-792-1949 or arkady@tift.ca.